After an "on & off " relationship of over 40 yrs. I decided to take a stab at designing some skateboard art myself. Growing up in the "70s and early '80s skateboarding ,in my end of the universe ,was for weirdos and nerds but I loved it . Even now you'll see this 300 lbs. "WALL" pushing around the city. Now due to the X-Games and REDBULL Skateboarding is "cool"  . A recent coaxing from my wife(Donna ,who most of my art is based upon) to break out of the everyday doldrums of my work-life spawned GC7 Skateboards inc. I do the art work or come up with concepts for the photography and work with our friendly neighborhood photographer and model Candy from www.CANDYLUST.org or one of the models (Linds Schum as Ms.American Justice) to produce unique skateboard art. Then after testing each skateboard style with our crack team of riders ,the kids- David and Samantha(sometimes child labor is OK-if its fun), the boards are produced  . I try to use the best American made parts available ,while keeping the boards at a reasonable price. In case you were wondering GC stands for "Golf City " an old abandoned amusement park in College Point ,Queens NYC where we spent summers burning old cars and riding dirt bikes & 7 is the closest subway to NYC. Donna thank you for the push ,sink or swim I'm "all in",I love you .If you need me I'll be out front pretending to be 15.